Monsoon Munchies

July , 2020

Traffic jams, raincoats, boots, coolness, breeze and what not. The amazing fiasco of these things is what one witnesses in the monsoons. In these times, when going out and getting wet in the rain, feeling water drops splash on your face and simply jumping in water puddles has become a dream, sitting at home is all one can do. But don’t let that kill your mood. One might or might not like monsoon but cannot deny that it is an amazing excuse to get some hot and scrumptious snacks in a plate. One might also find the sky dark and gloomy on a rainy day, with the arrogant clouds blocking the sunlight from reaching your homes and rooms, but hand that person a plate full of pakoras and a cup of hot tea, and they’re on their way to please the rain gods to let this go on for another week!

In India, rains are essential, and a great reason to cook some instant snacks that will make your evening cup of tea or coffee a lot more exciting. Here are some great snacks that you can easily make at home for your loved ones and enjoy this tense, yet lovely time at home.

Bhuttas! Or corns if you will. If you love spicy food and even if you don’t, just grab some from the ‘Bhutta waala bhaiya’, nearest to you. It tastes even better with your friends and loved ones, sitting in open, enjoying stove-hot bhutta (how I wish I was living that moment right now!). This is one snack that is sure to make your lockdown blues go away within a second. And here is a tip - Always make sure your bhutta is well-coated with red chilli powder and lemon juice. On the other hand, if zesty and spicy is not your mantra to make monsoons better, then the best choice for you might be the evergreen Pakoras! Simple to make and easy to prepare, this dish takes hardly 15-20 minutes to go from the stove to the plate. An all-time favourite for everyone. And what’s more? You can make pakoras from potatoes, eggplants, onions, chillies, paneer and many other items. This dish is what they call, the snack of all trades!

Now if you have some time on your hands and want to eat something heavy and filling, there is a solution to that as well. The good ol’ Samosa! It does take some time to prepare this snack and then cook it, and the chances of making errors are high. But trust me, get this right and you won’t regret the moment you bite into the flaky and crunchy crust and dig deep into the hot and explosive filling. Couple this with a cup of tea and you have just opened the gates to heaven.

Let’s say you have cooked yourself an amazing snack that you love and are about to eat it, but just then you realise that this isn’t enough for you. Guess what? Problem solved. A hot cup of masala chai is what you need my friend. Make some tea the way you do and add cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, mint leaves or cloves in the making and voila! The companion of all Indian snacks is ready!

Finally to end it, there is always the Mumbaikar-favourite, Vada-pav! This easy to prepare dish is the best answer to your monsoon hunger. Just make some aloo vadas, put them between buttery pavs, add some green chutney and/or sweet chutney and munch away! These also taste better with a cup of tea and green chillies fried in oil on the side.

So there you have it! Some great and easy-to-make snacks to beat the monsoon hunger and kill the lockdown blues! Thank me later.

- Rachit Sinha

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