शहहह कोई है....

June , 2020

“There was a shadow, on the wall beside my bed. It didn’t do anything to me, I looked around for what could be casting it but found nothing. Then it saw me. And vanished.”

Many people have admitted having experienced similar events; a shadow of a person on the wall by their bed. Some even say it had glowing eyes, but mine didn’t seem like the embodiment of evil. As a child of five, I even thought the shadow was my friend. Alas, I never saw him again.

Paranormal activities are widely considered to be bogus. Why, cause it just doesn’t make sense and it’s not scientific? I like to believe that it’s only science that we do not understand yet, because we refuse to. Many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, series and documentaries that we so fondly watch feature a ghost that is only looking for gore and destruction. While I don’t completely agree with their ideologies, that’s just based on my own share of such experiences. By nature, we fear the unknown. Many of us didn’t have the guts to say “Bloody Mary” thrice even if we didn’t believe. You don’t have to necessarily venture into the unknown yourself, sometimes it finds you when you least expect it.

Another extensively discussed theory is contacting the dead using a Ouija board. This consists of a board with the alphabet and numbers on it, the essential word “Goodbye” to make sure you get your point across, and the Planchette that the spirit moves to communicate. The participants are required to all place their index fingers on the Planchette and then proceed asking questions once they’ve established initial contact. Surely, your goofy friends might move the Planchette themselves to fool you cause you’re paavam, but once you stop fooling around you’ll notice the small movements. As a rule the participants must believe or the contact won’t be made. And when you believe, you will be talking to the dead, as wild as it sounds. If you’re lucky, they may even reveal to you secrets that you are not meant to know. While some believe that it is only a method to talk to your deceased loved ones, others have been believing from ancient times that what’s on the other side belongs there and is not meant to be spoken to, for you do not want to be yanked into their world or let them into ours. Do you dare to make contact?      

- Apeksha P.


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