We're Gen Z

May, 2020

We live in a time which is the most comfortable and convenient yet. Everything is just one click away and the world has become a smaller place. Because of this, we are often called “lazy”.

We are often called “too loose”, “too spoilt”, “too liberal”, “too western”. We often hear “ Haye, iss zamane ka kya hoga?”

But while we may not have to fetch water every day from lakes miles away or walk to school through forests or be obliged to obey every order given to us by our parents or have no internet to help us, we too have our challenges.

We live in a time that is so competitive. Ideas of success and hard work are fed to us from the moment we begin to walk. We have too much study, too much homework, just, too much kaam.

We are often dismissed as young and stupid without being heard, although, we are maturing faster. We are aware of all the horrible things happening around us, whether we want to know or not. We keep setting higher standards for ourselves. We keep doing and achieving things yet we feel like underachievers. While the truth is, what we do is superhuman.

Haan, we do have greater opportunities. Thanks to all the technology and information we have available to us readily and free, we can achieve anything. We have 13 -year olds who own businesses. We have teenagers creating apps. We have 16-year-olds starting charities. You get the point?

Yet, there is a lot of negative opinions attached to our generation.

However, I LOVE US.

I am so proud to be a part of this generation. There are so many amazing people out there, doing so many wonderful things. They understand the importance of using their voice and use it to spread positive and hopeful messages. They are people not afraid to speak the truth.  They are kind, authentic, accepting and bold.

And we are a part of that. Every tweet, every post, every picture and every article has the power to influence and change the world. 

We are bold. We are strong. We are powerful. We are leaders. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.

We are capable of doing anything and have the power to create the world we want to live in. We just have to remember to reach out and unite. To reach out and ask for help. We need to remember to connect, to spread love and to have faith. You are not alone.

This is our world now. It belongs to you and me.

So, Guess what? It becomes what we make it.

Toh, let us make it a good one. Let us make it बेहतर. Let us bring बदलाव. Let us break the chains.

We are the system and we are the world. In the end we're all amazing people.We're Gen Z.



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