The last fall

April, 2020

As we walked down the wet street in silence,

I looked at the world around us

Below the maple tree,there sat a lonely bench-

Deprived of the company of young passionate lovers.

A little ahead of us,there stood a grim lampost-

No two souls stood beneath it;

It currently lit up no one's life.

In that moment though,

Those odd singles felt more complete than we were,

despite walking right next to one another.

It was only drizzling 

But inside me,there was a storm

And the same flame of love you had once ignited within-

The winds of what passed between us would let it survive no longer.

It took us forever to reach that bridge

The one that you crossed alone

The one I let you cross alone.

You kissed me goodbye and urged me to make a promise

A promise to meet again

But I refused for I knew all too well-

Promises are meant to be broken.

So I let you tread the path ahead alone

And once you were out of sight,

The grey clouds groaned and it started to rain heavily-

Only this time,it poured from my eyes.

-Subarna Maitra


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