Our temporary parting....

May , 2020


I know you must be thinking at the moment-

How cruel life can be!

But believe me when I tell you,

Life did make my suffering gentle-

It allowed me to meet you.

When I say I wish I had more time,

It’s not because I regret not spending more time with you,

But because enough time with you is not nearly enough.

The more of you I have,the more of you I crave.

Who says it’s the end though?

I’ll meet you beyond the realms of this mortal being;

I’ll wait to hear you narrate all the wonderful moments you spend hereafter-

The ones I won’t be a part of.

Even as I bid you farewell,

Be assured, its only my soul departing

My love stays,it stays here with you.

The next time you happen to witness a full moon night,

Sing to the stars the song that was ours in the days gone by

Like always, I’ll smile at you while you do so-

What matters if that’s from above you this time and not beside?

Don’t shed tears at our parting my love,

But save them,

Save them for when we reunite in due time.

Hold them in until I get to hold you again.

- Subarna Maitra


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