October, 2021

As autumn approaches,

My heart swells up with an uncanny emotion-

It's a mix of joy, nostalgia, devotion and excitement

Maa is coming....

As I turn on the Radio at the dawn of Mahalaya,

Birendra Krishna Bhadra chants in his powerful voice -

"Aswiner sarodo prate beje utheche alokomonjir...."

"Maa is coming....", my heart whispers.

As I open my eyes on Shasti morning,

I catch a whiff of Shiuli's scent

The bright blue sky is adorned with cotton like clouds

"Maa is here....", I whisper with a smile.

-Saptami, Ashthami, Navami-

-Aarti, Anjali,Dhak, Dhunachi naach-

As women feed Ma sandesh and smear vermillion on each other's visages-

A lone tear escapes my eye

It's Dashami.

Maa is leaving....

As she's immersed in the holy Ganges-

Amidst the tearful farewell I whisper'

"Abar esho Maa...."

- Subarna Maitra