A solace to darkened souls

July , 2020

Clogged courses like the swarming bees;

Dragging me deeper, 

And wrenching me lifeless. 

Clogged courses surpassing my moves, 

By tinkering my mind

And leaving me lost. 

Clogged courses that you can't see, 

With masses of cloud 

And heavens of confusion. 

Clogged courses with the mushy opinions, 

Of negatives and loops 

To darkness and death. 

But then the monsoons roaring by, 

Passes my mind and the bodily forms:

Drenching these nightmares

And stagnant lies, 

Driving away the cascade of skies.

You see, 

It brings me solace:

These pouring sounds, 

That flow through shutters

And old men's coats. 

It makes me believe in darkened beauty

When I see the skies, 

All black, all smooth. 

It makes me feel,

Like a lesser snob, 

Of a crooked mind

And sinister blood.

It holds quite sooth, 

These pellets of skies

That fall on soils, their doomsday live, 

For they pulled away my deepest tears

From the driest parts of my blackened heart, 

And collected these drops in a tear jar cloud

To form a gentle drizzle at night.

- Aditi S Murthy

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