Short pieces

Our temporary parting

- Subarna Maitra


I know you must be thinking at the moment

How cruel life can be

But believe me when I tell you-

Life did make my suffering gentle,

It allowed me to meet you

When I say I wish I had more time

It’s not because I regret not spending more time with you

But because enough time with you is not nearly enough-

The more of you I have,the more of you I crave.

Who says it’s the end though?

I’ll meet you beyond the realms of this mortal being

I’ll wait to hear you narrate all the wonderful moments you spend hereafter

The ones I won’t be a part of

Even as I bid you farewell,

Be assured, its only my soul departing

My love stays,it stays here with you.

The next time you happen to witness a full moon night,

Sing to the stars the song that was ours in the days gone by

Like always, I’ll smile at you while you do so

What matters if that’s from above you this time and not beside?

Don’t shed tears at our parting my love,

But save them

Save them for when we reunite in due time.

Hold them in until I get to hold you again.

Love is a metaphor

-Dipjoyee Aich

As the dusk melts into an inverted kaleidoscope, 

the birds outside my window twitter lullabies like Mozart's symphonies!

A canopy of fragile words audaciously perforated the crevices of my mind.

And music swirls up in the air,

as the carvan plays --- 

" Phir le aaya dil majboor kya keeje 

Raas na aaya rehna door kya keeje 

Dil kehraha hai usse mukammal kar bhi aao

Woh jo adhuri si baat baki hai...."

I read hundred metaphors of pain in Arijit's mellifluous voice. 

On a day like this my heart pumps out alphabets.

Poetry sprouts out from the hollows of my collarbone. 

So, I tentatively grip on my pen and write a love poem , in memoies of you( because the truth can only be told in metaphors).


" You resembled my favorite passages 

from all the books I loved.

So, I memorized you like

You were the map to my home.


Your heartbeats were music, 

Springtime acoustics to the 

empty pavements of my heart that

listens to dry rustling leaves now. 


Your smile looked like a decorated 

churches on a Christmas eve.

The kind where dreamers like me 

get lost in between unfathomable 



You were like an azure breeze 

on a July tuesday morning 

in my mystical hurricane,





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