April, 2020

This is the one 9 letter word that travels in lighting speed to reach the youth first.The minute you hit puberty, confusion.It deems to act like  an endless inescapable abyss but to be frank,all it does is add colour to our otherwise stale youth life.Sometimes,it tends to show you a ginormous amount of colours and that's when the devil plays with your mind and you find yourself lost in the abyss.But all you need to do is embrace these colours because we ourselves as individuals don't represent a single shade.We grow into a new colour just as we walk through different phases of life.What  colour fills us today might not be the colour we develop in a few years and that's not in our control.So,for as of now,learn to embrace today's colour that confusion throws at you before you find yourself deep in a pool of colours that only your past self would understand.

-Aditi S Murthy


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