Words I feel.

June, 2020

The glass is breaking,

The flowers of bloom are wilting 

The hopes  are faltering

The love was never there;

She is slipping.

The void is black and all consuming

The lights have  gone dim, so faint

The rain is pouring , incessantly

The thunder claps louder

She is falling.

The  breaths grow shallower

The waters are deeper, drowning

The shackles have grown tighter

The wounds are becoming scars

The nights are longer

She is spralling

The days gone, like a wisp, a memory 

Her heart is weary of being.

The noise is growing louder

The loudness of silence stretching longer

The eyes are facades

She is an enigma.

The people mere balloons

The sky is a limit

The seams are splitting

And She is drowning.

The candles are burning out,

The fabric of reality disintegrating

The utopia for the euphoric

The new day is dreaded

So She finds the caress of the dark comforting.

Trust is just merely a word

Words are just winds

Winds are ever fleeting

Never returning.

Every action ,every emotion is mangled;

The primary need of sensation , abused.

All of everything in permanent limbo.

Confusion prevails….time and again.

Trust is misplaced, which forever mars.

Help is a plea…..unheard.

Pathetic is life.

And lo! The lights disappear , and so does she…..


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