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“कोठे उत्थे बह के अंखिया मिलौंदे

ना जाना हमें तू कभी छोड़

तेरे उत्थे मर्दा ….प्यार तेनू करदा

मिलेगा तूझे ना कोई और”


Love. This four-letter word isn’t all that pretty afterall. As with literally everything else that has an existence, this too has its dual sides. What metaphor can better explain it if not rain? Love is the rain washing over the verdant landscape, its as much the grey overcast sky as it is sunlight shining through the cloud cover. There’s a wistful melody hidden in the rain drops hitting the ground, there’s a silent longing in the eyes that watch the water trickle over the glass windows. Love isn’t always fulfilling – sometimes its loneliness too. Love isn’t blooming flowers always. Sometimes it’s strewn petals by the roadside. Love is not always peaceful – sometimes its stormy seas and thunderous skies. And in the end, its as much death as it is birth.


- Subarna Maitra


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Something for the soul

“Rummaging in our souls, we often dig up something that ought to have lain there unnoticed. ”
― Leo Tolstoy.

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