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June , 2020

A whole new world

June, 2020

We're Gen Z.

May, 2020

Why am I here?

July 12, 2020


The One that got away

By Aayushi Maitra

We've all been guilty of still having strong feelings for someone who broke our heart-and we've often whispered to ourselves in the those lonely nights that in maybe in another life,it would have all worked out (Oh how we wish it worked out !)
So here's to the one that got away....


मोहब्बत and all that

“Ek baat hoti thi tab tum bohot yaad aati thi….jab jab mai saans leta tha…”. Ishhhh. The majority of  us have craved that kind of love at some point in our lives . Some of us till do. Believe me I’m no different. However, I have also been wondering about the practicality of such kind of  a romance and its rate of survival in the times we live in.

This generation of ours is strongly driven by career goals and self-dependence. In such an era, the chances of a Bhansali-style love story blooming are really low. First things first , where would I even find a Haveli with a Talab to play hide-and-seek on a full-moon night with my partner ? Keeping the settings aside , would I want to have someone who loved me as passionately as Devdas loved Paro ? YES. But would I want him to become a self-destructive alcoholic in the event of a break – up? Hell no. Also , remember how Dev killed the bee claiming he couldn’t stand anyone else touching his beloved ? Yeah, I would send the dude straight to therapy. Bhansali’s characters are often fueled by an uncanny passion . While he beautifully manages to portray the same , this passion often proves to be futile – as clearly seen in movies like  Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani. As much as I enjoy the grandeur and larger-than-life feels that his movies portray and enjoy the poetic proclamations of love as much as the next person , I’m also slowly realizing that experiencing such a romance should be limited to movies. An untamed fire of passion often manages to consumes the lovers in the end. ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte happens to portray a similar kind of passion between protagonists Catherine and Heathcliff. Quoting from the book , “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” They don’t belong together because their love is exceptionally pure; they belong together because he is destructive and she is self-destructive. (Line courtesy:

 I’d rather have a love story where both of us are as concerned about our individual growth and development as much as we are with each other , where we have respectable boundaries , where the romance is not dead but the ‘do jism ek jaan’ mentality does not prevail either. I don’t want to sacrifice it all in the name of love. Some might argue , but to me being ‘healthily in love’ is 100 times better than becoming pyaar me Majnu.


Where time's forever frozen.

By: Prem Shah

Does anyone remember how long it has been since we started living in lockdown ? Whatever the day count might be, it sure does feel like FOREVER . I desperately miss the outdoors and am pretty sure you do too , so to provide you with some relief , here are some aesthetically pleasing shots of the world outside.


If you think about it though,being stuck at home is not all that bad.Here are some fun shots taken by the very talented Aakanksha Panjwani, AT HOME !


Something for the soul

“Rummaging in our souls, we often dig up something that ought to have lain there unnoticed. ”
― Leo Tolstoy.


She made the change....and so did I.


Our temporary parting....


Words I feel.


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